What is a bass blocker?


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Commonly known as a bass blocker, a capacitor acts as a 6dB per octave, high pass filter. The capacitor comes in various sizes (micro-farads uF) to block out bass at various frequencies determined by the size. The lower the micro-farads, the high the frequency at which the capacitor begins it's roll off. It is attached in-line with the positive feed to the speaker which is to have the low frequencies blocked.

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Subwoofer Placement?

its a little resistor put in line with your speaker to BLOCK the bass signal from getting to your speaker. its like turning the bass all the way down, mainly used by the guys with high end stereos. the bass then comes from the sub woofer

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I bass blocker does just that, it blocks the bass from going to the mids and highs. It works by not letting frequencies pass through, i cant remember what teh frequencies are, but it blocks the from going through to the speaker, the frequencies that are blocked are what produce the bass. No they arent just used by people with high dollar system, their used by people that actually care about their system and arent all about the bass. People that are more into the quality of the sound. I my self use them, and they work great.
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