1000 Watts 8 Gauge wire blown fuses?

i have a Audiobahn 1206T 12 in 2200 Watt sub hooked to a SPL Phantom DK 1000 Watt amp...i am using 8 gauge wire to suppy the amp. I blow the fuse compeletly it like explodes and then the fuse holder melts. i talked to a installer at ABC Warehouse and he said i need a bigger gauge like 4 gauge to supply that much watts any ideas? this is the second thing i melted


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lol. YES! you need 4 gauge, and you need a bigger fuse up front.

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He is right! All of that power traveling through an 8 gauge wire causes it to heat up and melt the fuse holder. Making the wire thicker gives it a a little more area for the currents to travel through the fuse and wire.

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I am amazed that the wire hasn't melted or something, I run 200 watts and use 8 guage, here is the link to the wiring kit i put in for a friend. High quality stuff and not too expensive. even comes with signal

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8ga is probably good up to 600w. For 1000w, you'll probably want 4ga wires. You'll also want a fuse that is right for your amp. Look at the fuses in your amp, and get one roughly that same number of amps (maybe a bit smaller) to fuse your +12v connection.
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