Amp question for cars?

can i control the amp from the drviers seat..therefore controling the subs?

Two 4 guage power's and ground's, or a 1/0 kit?

i also have a "sub" control from my it has low .mid...hi...then baleence..fade...then Sub?does that let me control the subs when i get them?


Subwoofer ? need help?

Only if the amp you choose has a remote bass control. The sub control is to "fine tune" the vlume of the sub to balance out the system.

Sony and audiobahn?

Be sure the amp you buy is CEA-2006 compliant.

How do i remove the standard cd player in the corsa c i have got the security keys but still cannot remove?

See my site for more info

How do I power my car audio deck from a household outlet?


0.8ohm to a 1ohm stable amp.?

the best way is to get a remote, its a wire that runs from your amp to the font of the car, it just has a knob on it

Can you fix a 1993 Honda civic radio memory?

The deck acts like an equalizer for your speakers as well as the subs. The boost controller is for you to adjust the amp(s) bass output. You can also set the amp(s) to a fix output.
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