12v power supply?

can i take cords from dvd player and send them str8 to the battery and if so what side of the battery would i hook them up on negative or positive thanks


Radio decode help with programming?

You can connect right to the battery, just make sure you add a fuse in line with the power wire. Connect the red wire to positive and black (-) to the negative terminal. The wires should be labeled for you to see which is which.

What Is HD Radio?

Only if the DVD player is 12 VDC.
red+, black-

Wiring two CB radio antennas?

Just don't forgrt to turn it off, dead battery syndrome.

Can you use a monoblock amp to power stereo speakers (not sub)?

If the DVD is for house use, you can get an inverter that coverts 12 VDC to 120 VAC (house current). The inverter must match (or be more than) the power consumption of the attached equipment. Meaning if the DVD player consumes 50 watts, then the inverter must be at least 50 watts. You must also consider any other equipment that may be used, add up all of the watts of all equipment and get an inverter that's a bit higher in watts than the total you come up with.

What amp should i get?

Make sure you have a fuse hooked up.

Stereo wiring for 1994 pontiac transport?

i woul run it throw the pwer of ur cd player
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