Alpine or Kicker?

I know you probly think this is for subs. But its not, its for 6x9's.
I dont know which one i should get. Here are links to them.
Kicker KS693 KS-Series 05KS693 6" x 9" - rms 90, peak 180.

Has anyone heard the new rf T1500-1bd? is it any good? r they better then the new alpine pdx-1.1000?

Alpine SPR-69LP - rms 55, peak 275

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Thank you if you could tell me which one you think is better.


What is my car's cd player's settings supposed to be?

if i were you i would not go with this comman thrend that Kicker and Alpine are so great. i had a pair of Alpine 6x9s for about 5 mins before i took them back to circut city. they have no bass. i dont care what the specs are, there is no way they went under 70 hrz. they were awful. worst speaker i ever owned. horrible horrible speakers. as far as kickers, they have a decent bump to them, but the sound quality isnt there. so with these 2 options, its a loose, loose. if only there was a speaker that had the best of both worlds. oh but wait, there is. but its not found at Best Buy or Circut City. the speaker is made by Kenwood Excelon. let me guess, you dont like Kenwood. thats ok, niether to i. but Kenwood Excelon isnt the same thing as Kenwood. its pretty much like Toyota and Lexus. Kenwood is ok like toyota, but why settle for a toyota when for just a few bucks more you can get a Lexus. and its worth every penny. so here is a link to the Excelons. please note on the specs that they go lower then Kickers, and are just as loud. however unlike the Kickers, these will sound great through the whole band of music. your mids and highs will sound really good. here is the link, i hope you can find a pair and listen to them in town before you buy them, there worth it, and once you give them a listen i doubt you'll even condsider buying Alpine or Kicker again.

I hear static on my dvd player in my car hooked on aux iput to my pioneer premier cd palyer?

Vehicle dvd system!?

good luck.

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go with the kickers the sensitity is 92 compared to 89

Which subs for this amp?

Depends on what you wan't, if you want loud screaming response and willing to sacrafice sound quality get the kickers. If you wan't really good sound quality get the Alpines. These are also pretty loud speakers too but not quite as loud as the kickers since they have a higher sensitivity rating.

Where can i go to get an aftermarket CD deck installed in my car?

Both alpine and Kicker are widely available locally. Find a local shop with both and go listen. Buy the ones that sound better to you. Either one can sound good. It's a matter of preference.

If i have a 1500w750rms amp on 2 subs does each sub get 750watts or 375?

KICKER ROCKS!.everything off my shelfs

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How many watts do i need to power a subwoofer with 87 db of sesitivity?

Alpine cuz I have them.
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