Im looking to buy 2 subs need help!?

I want to put 2 subs in my custom plexiglass box that im building, i want them to look good inside of the box. The sound quality of the subs isnt what im looking for necissarely but would be nice. My budget is 300$ for both subs anybody no any good deals on ebay that i could get in on or what kind of subs to look for on ebay?


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i don't do much of ebay but good-looking woofers for a plexi-box scream for audiobahn. no-sh*t. not only will they look good but will sound off better then you would think. the price isn't bad either. make that change

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try looking at the sony "xplod" good sound and they are cheap while looking nice.

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You may also want to try to get some covers or a nice paint coat over them with your or your cars name on them just to make it a tad bit more custom add some neon tubes or leds to brighten it up all costing around $350.00 if you know where to go like car toys.

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Diamond Audio D6 is going to be the very best subs you can get in that price range. I have installed these before for people and they sound excellent and have really good cosmetics too. Others on here have mentioned sony and audiobahn, just to warn you, I would stay away from these two brands, they are not even close to the quality you can get from diamond audio. Check out the ebay link below to view the diamond audio d6.

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if you could just get about $100 more, you could get a pair of Boston g5s'. its what i have and they sound amazing. and they look awesome on the back as well. they say Boston on the back screen. if you cant afford those, i recomend a pair of Boston g2's or a Diamond audio D6.

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good luck, and hope this helps.

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I have two subs for sale, i think they look pretty cool, check them out, let me know

Whats best to push two 10inch Quantum Audio subs. Is Quantum Audio any good. I never heard of them.?
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