Anyone know where the 12v supply is?

i need to know where it so thanks


Dont know how to add images to yahoo?

Your car's battery.

Theres a loud constanst busing noise in my speakers, when i hit the gas its a little louder, how do i stop it?

first of all it would help to know the vehicle but its is usually called a battery and is locatedunder the hood and sometimes in the trunk or under the backseat in some german models. if you just need 12 volts to run the radio use the fuse box your owners manual will tell you where it is.

How to put in car system?

It is the battery of 6x2volt cells in an automobile. Count the #
of cells in a battery for it's voltage. A six volt battery has 3 cells and large trucks use two 12 volt batteries hooked in series, or 4 batteries hooked two in parallel with two more in parallel, the two
sets hooked in series.
In a building with either 120 volt (North America) or 220 volt
(Europe or Australia) a rectifier (to convert AC to DC -- if DC
is required) and a transformer (wire windings) to change voltage
from houshold to 12 volt or any other voltage you want.

Stereo doesnt lite up?

either ignition switch harness or kick panel, most common place to find most wiring in your car.

Can i install a aftermarket head unit into a car with bose stereo?

If this is for Mobile Electronics, everything you possibly need is in those two areas: Constant +12v DC is what you're looking for, so if something asks for you to find that, it's just a direct power source from your battery

Do solo-x's sound good?

What you could do is look online for wiring code colors for your vehicle, and get urself Digital Multi-Meter and start poking the one they say, if it reads +12.66vDC or in that area, you're good to go.

How should i sell for?

you can use your cigarette lighter as a 12 volt connection take out the plug and splice into the wires and their is a 12 volt power source
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