Is there any way to make a car power amplifier work inside?

I want to make my amp and sub work in my house, i dont think there is a way but maybe there is


I need suggestions for the following:?

if you have a car battery and a battery charger inside. might want to look and see if they make a converter from 110 to 12v

What would be the best amplifier to run the following speaker setup.?

I have done it in the past so it is possible. Depending on how powerful the amp is, you can buy a 120v ac to 12v dc converter. They have them at radioshack or any electronics store. If you have a powerful amp i.e 500watts you want to find at least a 25 amp converter. Their is your power! For the signal it depends on your receiver. If it has a rca sub pre out then your all set. If not you can buy a cheap set of rca wires and cut on end and send a powered signal to the amp. If you do that turn the gain all the way down and SLOWLY go up. Hope to have helped!

Any idea whats wrong with the CD played in my Oldsmobile Intrigue?

I just did this the other day.

How do i hook two amps to one car stereo?

First get a car battery I used a Car stereo and a car amplifier also. Just wire it up like its in the car power to the cd player is usually red + yellow make sure to ground it usually black. and do the same with the amp, make sure u connect the speakers and such first. always put the red power to both things very last.
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