Anyone know how to connect two batteries?

need to know how to connect two batteries to my ride. want to know what do i need to connect them.


How does the signal from a radio work?

Just so you know, a second battery (unless used for when the car is off) actually robs the electrical system of power that could otherwised be used for the audio system.

Can you run a mono amp on 2 ohms to power a single 2 or 4 ohm DVC??

I say this because the job of the battery is to start the car. Once started, it's up to the alternator to provide power. Putting a second battery in, is only a band-aid for a problem that will come back.

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The real solution is the "big 3" and maybe an alternator upgrade.

Whats a better sub?

Use this guide to determine what size alternator you need.

How do I drop the ohms on two 8 ohme S15 subs?

How to bridge distinct audio pp10 450 watts to a 200 watts amp?

You'll need Microsoft Excel, a multi-meter and a way to burn an audio CD from an MP3.

Hi i am in the process of buying a 1999 rover 75 does anybody know where the CD changer is?

you can get a battery isolator. or you can wire them in parallel. + to + and you can just put both grounds into car chassis. You can also run a wire from - to - if you want.

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With wire

Would I Be Able To Install A Cd Player In My 89' Chevy Corsica?

What is the purpose of wanting two batteries on your car?

What would be louder a ma audio 15 inch hard kore in a sealed box or a 12 inch alpine type x in ported box?

On most car audio systems, the secondary battery is used to power the audio system when the engine is not running. Usually, a larger deep cycle battery is used. They are usually connected in parallel used in conjunction with a battery isolator. A battery isolator disconnects the primary battery when the engine is not running (hence the term "isolator"). A budget battery isolator is actually a large high ampere low loss magnetic relay (like 80amps or more) which simply cuts off the secondary battery from the main battery when the engine is not running. A more expensive battery isolator not only cuts off the secondary battery when the engine is running but also monitors the charging rate of the alternator as well. When the engine is started, the isolator allows the charging system to charge the main battery first then either at a given voltage or time period engages the relay to connect the secondary battery for charging. Some Isolators also have built in fuzzy logic that monitors the condition of the secondary battery. If it detects a defect or problem, it wont connect secondary battery and isolates it to prevent damage to the charging system.
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