What is the cutout hole for a 6.5" speaker, a 4" speaker and a 1" tweeter?

I am ordering a component speaker set for my jeep and I am making a custom panel to mount the speakers and crossovers on. The set comes with 2- 6.5" woofers 2- 4" woofers and 2- 1" dome tweeters.


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The diamater should be at 3/4" smaller.

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If the kit did not come with a template , you must make one. Measure the distance between the holes for the mounting screws and go from there. Your cut out holes should be smaller than this distance as you will need some media left over to bolt the speakers down with.

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There is no industry standard to fall back on. Even though a speaker is listed as a 6-1/2" from two different manufacturers, they will most likely have two different mounting size holes.

im trying to make myself a sound system and i dont know anything about them could someone look at these links?

Unless you are purchasing used equipment, the speakers should come with a mounting template to use. If not, I would first check the manufacturers web site for a manual for the proper dimension. If that fails, you will need to make one yourself. Preferably from a thin, sturdy piece of cardboard using a razor-knife.
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