1995 Camry?

I'm supposed 2 be getting my grandmother's old 1995 Toyota Camry when I get my license. The speakers SUCK so I'm planning on replacing them. However, I dont know exactly what to do. The radio system is old and the speakers are 2 on the front doors and 2 in the back by the window. I figure I need 4 speakers and a subwoofer.
How much would that cost (plus somebody putting it in for me because I have no idea what I'm doing)?


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Middle priced speakers can be had for probably 125 all around. The problem is that the install would be around 80. I would suggest buying them from crutchfield and they give you a book with good directions. A good head unit is almost a must, Alpine is the way to go hear, you'll pay a bit more but you will thank yourself when you see the quality. As for subs, crutchfield has a 2 12" box with mtx subs for 130 and an amp can be gotten for 150. Overall you will end up spending around 600 bucks. with wires and doing it yourself this would cost around 650-700. If you don't mind sacrificing quality probably 500 for decent quality stuff. Install alone on all of this would be 250. So where do you want to spend your money? On high quality stuff or on some high school drop out at best buy who probably knows a little bit more than you about car audio?

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Go on line to Best Buy or some other electronics store. Most do offer installation. You are probably going to spend about anywhere from $200.00 to $700.00 dollars. Try not to spend too much. I work for a P.D. and have seen allot of youngsters spend allot of money on sound systems only to get it stolen.

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For descent sound. prepare to spend 200 for radio. 250 for speakers, and 175 for amps, and 300 for subs(2subs w/box) . It is a rough estimate with professional installation fee included.
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