What is the best wood to use when building a custom fiberglass subwoofer box??

I am going to be building a new box for my sub, what is the best wood to use? MDF?


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So your looking for wood to build a fiberglass box?

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You cannot build a fiberglass box out of wood, but you are welcome to try.

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Yes MDF is best.

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BTW to those who say you can not build a fiberglass box with wood, you do not know what you are talking about. You must use a dense wood as fiberglass will pulse as the bass creates pressure in the enclosure impacting the sound. The fiberglass is used to seal and strengthen the design reduce squeaks and rattles as well as help to make a custom fit.

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***If you do not know what your talking about you should not laugh at someone while making a fool of yourself.

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I don't really mess with fiberglass but I've read a little about them and from what I've gathered you can use MDF. Its basically building the frame of speaker box...kind of like a enclosure skeleton.

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I'm with Keven M. Me and a friend have built quite a few custom speaker boxes and MDF is a good choice. Not only is MDF highly resistance to pressure, it has many other perks including being resistant to warping good amount of screw holding ability and great bond strength, which worked well for us since we screwed and glued all sections and braced of our boxes. MDF is also moisture resistant and has great acoustic properties and doesn't chip like basic plywood but is more expensive.

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I recommend MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), but make sure you use the correct type. There are 3:

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1. Moisture resistant are typically green
2. Fire retardent are typically red
3. High finition for powder lacking

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Keep in mind MDF is very heavy, but ideal for a fiberglass enclosure, and thickness matters when building sub enclosures. The standard for SPL (Sound Pressure Levels) is 3/4 - inch thick. I'd suggest making the enclosure, fiberglassing it, then placing it in the vehicle. If the enclosure is pretty large in size and your vehicle drops in the rear, you will need to get the vehicles suspension stiffened to compensate for the weight. Usually some new springs is all that is needed. Another nice thing about fiberglass enclosures, is that you can color it to match the interior of your vehicle. Good luck!
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