What is box bracing and what does it do?

I have two subwoofers with each in its own sealed box and I was just wondering if I should brace my box.I have heard this term before and seen it on the internet in basic box building tips but none of them explain or show much about it. What does it do and is it actually a wise decsion to brace a sealed box. Does it make a difference in any way. And one final question if anyone knows, is there a web site that has instructions and/or pictures that describe and show how to brace a box?


Pre made amp racks?

With that small of an internal space, you don't need to worry about it.

I need some help!?

Box bracing is just that. Adding internal corner bracing to strengthen the box. This is usually performed on larger boxes to prevent wood flexing and for larger/heavier subs.
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