? which amp would be better to run my 2 12" diamond subs 800rms/1600watts?

i have the first directed 1100d(the black amp) and next model 1100d (the silver and black not "06 model) and the 1500d (the silver and black model) . Or is the another amp you guys or girls would recommend thanks


Are Alpine Type "R" SWR-1542D 15" an good?

Any amp that's CEA-2006 compliant and pushes 1600 watts RMS with the correct impedance (ohm) load of the subs when wired together.

Amp wiring kits?

See my site for more info http://spkrbox1.spaces.live.com...

Right channel doesn't work on my car speakers when a CD is initially played and after a little usage of radio.

I'd go with the 1500, because it will puch more watts to the subs, and would almost match perfect with the rms, as opposed to the 1100.
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