4 ten inch subs or 6?

i have 2 sony x-plode(1200 watts a peice) subs 2 kenwood typhoons(800 watts a peice) and 2 kicker comps (300 watts a peice) sooo i have a 1998 ford explorer and limited space it would be sweet if i could put 6 in their... really need sum ideas sooon


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FORGET 5953!! What douche-bag! Build a custom box for them, bandpass all the way! The benefit of using different speakers is the different sweet spots you will get from each set. All speakers have a certain frequency that they play best, the only catch is you will need 3 different amps to run each set of speakers since they are all require different amounts of power. 6 speakers will pound so hard. It'll sound pretty good.

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You'd get laughed at if you had mix-and-match subs dude.. Why would you even do that?? How about you put them in "there" and not "their" tyke.

How to run power cable from battery to AMP in a '95 Camaro?

For real, just put both xplod subs in.

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Do your ears have a death wish? I think you should try 2 speakers at a time and keep adding until you get where you want.
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