Where can I put a sub in my truck?

I have a 1998 Chevy 1500 Single Cab and I have no idea where I could put a sub. Does anybody know of a magic place to fit one.


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You could probably fit a small truck box in behind or under the seat. Alot of companies also make custom boxes for specific years and models of trucks. Don't expect to fit a pair of 12s in there or anything, though.

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It's tough to fit a sub in a truck, they belong in the water. ;)

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Ive got an '88 2500 and had to install a sub tube as opposed to actual subs. With upgraded speakers it sounds great!

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I think if you go to crutchfield.com they sell custom molded boxes for subs to fit behind the seat. They are just big enough thickness wise to fit a sub in . I have seen them somewhere on the web I'm just not sure if it was there or somewhere else.

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i also have a chevy regular cab. and im building my sub box actually. u can easily install subs behind your seat. the only thing is you will have to take out the tire jack and stuff. When you find the subs you like they usually tell you how much cubic feet of air space you need to operate the subs correctly. If you have to much space, you could blow your subs, if you have too little space your subs wont sound as good as they should. if you go to ebay and search for custom truck box's they will give u an idea of how it will look behind your seat. just do your research before you make any purchases.

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Check this out i have a 1990 ford f-150 single cab and i made a custom box where the sub came out of where the armrest was and it had dual ports and it was for 1 12" it was very loud i had to build it to specs i beileve behind the seat it was 2" thick but i put a kickout on it where the sub went that was 6" out so where the sub was it was 8" from the back of the box. The demensions were like 2" deep by 35" high and 52" wide it was tough to build but worked out awsome

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Go to MTX subwoofer site and they have custom made sub boxes for truck applications as well as JL Audio and others. Just about every manufacturer makes truck boxes. They go right behind the seat and they are slanted to allow you to move the seat.

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well u could make a sub box that could fit behind the seat or depends on the depth of the sub u could proll put it under the seat ive seen alot of people do it
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