Amp wiring kits?

i have a MA Audio hk4000d with 4000 rms with two 15" mtx 9500 SVC subs and a 300 Amp alternator and i need to know how to wire all of it up? what kind of wiring kit should i use? what gauge wire? and for my component system i have polk momo mmc6500 speakers all around with a Ma Audio M500XE amp with 125 RMS to 4 channels. what kind of wiring kit should i get for that? and what gauge wire should i get? the subwoofer amp will be in the back of an 03 trailbalzer so that is aproxamitly 12 ft. from batt. the component amp is going to be under the driver seat which is approx. 6 ft. from batt. Those distances are not inculduing having to run the wires around things like brackets and things like that. so all with all of that information what do you think i should do?


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You should get help before you get in over your head. You've spent alot of $$$$ on good product. Don't make the mistake of installing what your not familiar with. Get help from a friend that has done this before.

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Your going to get all sorts of answers on this site and only about 1 in 20 knows what they are talking about.

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If you want to read up go here:

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with that amount of power i would run a 1/0 gauge wire kit and you will need a distrabution block since your running 2 amps and it would be best to put both amps in the back.streetwires makes a 1/0 gauge kit.

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ya i suggest a 1/0 guage kit, or you can get the wires seperately, and get the length you need, your goin to need a distribution block also, i would also suggest putting your 4 channel in the back with the sub amp, it wil be easier
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