Amplifier question?

I have a 93 Ford Probe GT. I was wondering where the best spot on the firewall would be to run the power cable from the battery to the amp. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


What Kind Of Cd Player?

That is one of the biggest pains in the azz of installing a pimped out stereo in a newer car. You usually can't get to the firewall from inside the car because the dash is in the way, and unless you want to tear half the f'ing dash out, then you have to find a place lower down underneath it.

Will my 4x50watts cd player power a 10" kicker comp sub?

I usually try to find where some wires are already penetrating it - and then carefully widen the hole, put my wires through and then seal it up with some silicon caulk. If you can't find anyplace that will allow you to do this, then you might either be stuck tearing some dash out, or carefully drill some holes (key word: carefully).

Giga magnet?

The best way to do it, which is usually where the shops do it is find a spot below the steering wheel shaft and above the pedals. Check for clearance of obstacles, then drill a hole threw. The fill it back up with Wood glues. because sometimes where the original wires goes out is an unreachable place, i would recommand you to find a clear spot and drill a new hole. And then seal it back with glues.

Ground Loop Noise.Thought I did everything right. Need some help?

Don't rule out running power wire underneath your car.

How do i install a amp. in a 1998n dodge neon?

I've done it before and as long as it is securely fastened to your undercarriage and is protected in some way like with a plastic tube or some wire loom, it should work just the same as through your fire wall.

What are the 2 songs used to test the MTX Jackhammer on Pimp My Ride?

Depends on the amount of work you wanna put into it :) Underneath can be quicker sometimes.

2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport front door speakers.?

ok do not run your power wire under your car

How to use eqlizers on pioaner car cd players?

Through the accelerator cable housing or clutch cable housing or maybe steering column. Take a heavy guage piece of wire and see if it will run through.
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