Sound System : Pioneer or JVC or Kenwood ?

hello ppl,
i am about to but a new system (headunit + speakers) for my Swift
am on a low budget and have allocated
1. 90-105 $ for the Head unit (AUX in is neccesary)
2. and another 90$-100$ for the speakers ( rear and front)

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i wont be able to buy an amp.

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1. which head unit should i go for - PIONEER or JVC (have only these 2 options)
BUDGET - 90-105$

Are these good?..Fusion ( Power Plant ) amp # FP2-1000X?

since am not installing an amp, so i would prefer that unit which has a better inbuilt amp.
AUX IN - is necessary
custom EQ option

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2. Which speakers to buy ? - PIONEER or JVC or JBL
BUDGET 90$ (incuding rear and front)

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i need excellent sound quality - especially midrange , fidelity and soundstaging.
kindly suggest me which rears and front speakers to go for ?

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3. some technical questions ..
is 4 way speaker better than 3 way speaker ? and by how much ?
can a woofer be attached directly to the system without an Ampilifier ? some ppl say i can attach one .. but not sure.


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if i was u i would go for the pioneer indash & front & rear speakers pioneer also, because if u mix em up it would sound good but not *** good as having the same manufacturer ,4 way is better than 3 way 4 way has the main tweeter plus 3 more small ones and 3 way has only two you hear more clearly with a 4, and you can connect the sub to the head unit but it wouldnt be enough to satisfy u ,dependind on the sub also,

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go with pioneer



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my whole system is pioneer premier. i was told that it is a very good and reliable product. ive heard that kenwood sucks but go with pioneer, get premier if you can.

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I bought Kenwood first, but did not like the screen, and exchanged for a Sony. Speakers are: rear Pioneers 3-way, front Technics 3-way. Technics is an advanced Panasonic division.
I had no problem with this set up and quality is great.

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Blaukpaunt(in built aux) - with jbl speakers.

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For small car like yours two small speakers in front and two large speakers in the rear and if you need some extra punch one woofer(again jbl) with amp.

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well definately go with pioneer for ur deck. and for speakers def jbl, but i dont believe ur gonna get jbl speakers for ur price.check out kicker and alpine speakers. but i still do[nt think ur gonna get speakers for that cheap unless u go with somethign from walmart..

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I think Pioneer and Sony are the best.
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