What should i put my amp settings at?

i have the dual mtx enclosure with the 5500 series subs and the mono 1800 wat max amp from rockford, i was wondering were i should put my settings at like the gain etc.


what amplifier do i need to power these subs?

The gain control should be matched to the RMS Volts of the HU.

i have jus instal 2 speakers that r 700w plus a previous installion of a 300w sub my taillight don't work?

The LPF should be set to just below the highest Hz rating for the subs.

can i put a honda accord radio/cd player ina honda civic?

E-mail me and I can send you a chart with instructions on how to do this properly. Failure to set the gains correctly can result in subwoofer damage.

hi we have a mk 1 capri bronze colour for sale need help to find out a club to advertise?


In op-amp inverting configuration is we use TWO trim pot 10kohm of each ?? WHY and HOW they connected...?


how do i change my back speakers if they are mounted to the sides?

50 to 75 % should be ok.
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