Alternator noise in radio after runing 0 ga?

how do you run the wires to not get a alternator noise i had it fine but then i ran 0ga and now its back what did i do wrong?


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They make filters for that... see below.

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remove radio and rewire

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or ask pro

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Go to your local automotive parts store and ask for a noise filter for your radio. Prices may vary, but you should not have to pay more than $10, there very cheap.

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This filter will "filter" out interference caused by your cars engine and other parts of your car. If this does not work, then you might need to take it in to a professional. You probably installed it wrong or something.

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Good Luck

Extended response to my prior question.?

First, there's two ways that noise can get into the radio. One is through the radio's DC power connection (that's called "conducted EMI") and the other is through radiated Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) being picked up by the radio itself and any wires attached to it acting as antennas ("radiated EMI").
Make sure the DC power connection to the radio has good wiring and connections both on the positive battery side and the negative ground connection to the radio. The radio's ground connection is often the culprit. Try running another ground wire from the radio metal chassis to a good ground in the car, but make the new ground wire as short as possible.

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Radiated EMI can come from the alternator or ignition system on your car. If you've changed your spark plug wires recently, make sure they are the correct type for your car. Some are special EMI plug wires. Finally, you may have to install a filter capacitor at your alternator which was often used on older model cars.

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Pretty much, run your power and ground on one side of your car and run your speaker and rca wires on the other side. If they are together the rca's and speaker wires will pick up un wanted noise from the power source wires.

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The alternator noise can come from multiple locations. It can come from your power wires, or the audio inputs to the amplifier. One way to be sure that you don't get it from the power wires is to add a capacitor to your setup. This eliminates the noise from the power side of the equation, but you may still be left with some noise on your audio input lines. For those, it is best to make sure that you use shielded cables. If you don't, any wires supplying power to any device in your car can add the noise onto the top of the audio and you will hear the alternator wine again.
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