Anyone's guess as to how loud these will be?

Ok, I have some Sony 12 inch subs in my 1996 lumina. I got these for cheap from a friend. I also have an amp that is laying around, the problem is that the amp is 50 watts rms perchannel or 200 bridged. Would these subs make any decent noise at 50 watts? I don't need enough bang to wake up the block just some firm bass. The amp is a good amp as far as underpowered 2 channels go, it is a Rockford Fosgate and it worked great with 2 6x9's, (i upgraded when an mtx became available). Anybody ever powered their subs at this low of power. It is in the rms wattage of the subs, the subs have en efficiency of 93 (whatever that means). Thanks


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You need to educate yourself on bridging capabilities of your amp and how low of impedance it is stable at. In a perfect setup, your amp will be able to do 2 ohms bridged with both 4 ohm subs lined parallel for a total output of >400watts for the pair, way enough power.

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Sony doesn't make good car audio, period.

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If its a old-school rockford amp, they rated their power pretty low about 5-6 years ago. I ran two twelve inch subs off of 120 watts with an old punch 120A. Far as your subs go, sell them on ebay, sony is not good at making subs at all. Go to ebay and look at the diamond audio subs they have on there, you can get a D1 series 12 for about $50.00 plus shipping. You will be lucky to get 125 db from the sonys. You can hit right around 140-145 with the diamonds.
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