Alpine subwoofer question?

I'm looking to add one or two tens in the benz and saw Alpine SWX-1042D Type X subwoofer. Rated 1000w RMS and 3000w peak, it should be decent power. Does anybody have any knowledge of these subs or the best price?


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On my opinion those are very good subwoofers. But that is only my opinion.

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Those subwoofers will also be way more than decent. Giving them the proper wattage will push those things like crazy.

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Here is a link so that you can check out some Type X in action...
scroll to the bottom. that's were the Type X's are.

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When it comes to prices. Try searching for them on the internet. Those subs are $440 retail price, so you might not want to buy it from a car audio store

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Also for best results when you buy these subs try finding either of these rated amps.
2000watts RMS x1 @ 1 ohm = wired in parallel
2000watts RMS x1 @ 4 ohms = wired in series-parallel
or at least try to find something close to it

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getting the 4 ohm load will give you less distortion, longer amp life, and less heat on the amp.
but it will be more expensive.

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good luck
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