JL Audio W3 question?

i actually have two questions.. i bought sum 12' inch JL's W3's... dont know much about them jus know that JL's are good speakers.. i basically wanna be subin'.. i want ppl to hear me bumpin' down the street.. i know i might need better speakers, newer once probably but i wanna know if these are ok for right now? second question is, im runnin a used 1200watt amp Performance Teknique.. so far, the speakers arent really hitting as hard as i want them to.. the person who had them before me had them thumpin hard.. except he had a different amp instead of the one i got. why dont the speakers hit like it did wen he had them? could it be the amp? please help cus i was excited to get these damn speakers in with my deck and all and now i got nothing basically.. oh and one more thing.. seems like something blew out cus all of a sudden the sound went out.. the bass the highs.. no sound wut so ever. i checked all cables and all are good, everthing is were it should be


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One by one boy.
First, JL 12W3 is a good sub, but not for the one who wants hard hitting sub, the JL is more about balanced bass. Their power rating is about 300-400Watts.
Second, since you bought it 2-nd hand, maybe they are not at all their full performance anymore, you said that the previous owner like to thump it hard, so it may have been damaged.
Third, be careful with box design, consult a JL Audio authorized installer or through their website about the correct box for your sub.
Forth, the power you used maybe not as big as your friend's power. How many subs that you install, how you connect them, what's the final impedance, and how much the power can push out a that impedance rating? It is not that if there are big 1200 Watts number on your power it will thump 1200 Watts all time.
Last, for sudden blow out, check the components step by step, from the head unit, EQ, Crossover, power, than speaker. If you just use one power, check the indicator, maybe it goes into protection mode cause one of your wire shorted, or if the power is completely of, check if the remote turn-on signal from the head unit is present.
My suggestion is to consult your local experienced installer. Don't play with danger, you can screw up all your car's electrical system.
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