BLITZ BZA4360 Amplifier Question!?

If I am to buy 2 of these amps, Will they power 4 15' 1000 rms Subwoofers?
I am pretty new to all of this, so tips on how this would work out and all would be perfect, and also experienced people with these amps would be nice for your knowledge WITH them.


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If they are 4 ohm subs, than this sounds great. You may not be aware of this, but Blitz is owned by the same company that makes Pyramid, Legacy, Pyle, and Lanzar. Blitz seems to be similar to the lower end brands. I have no first hand experience witth them, but considering what I have used of pyramid and legacy, The amp will probably work just fine, but the RMS power is probably lower than you are expecting. I would guess about 700 to 800 watts total per amp. Believe me, I am not ripping on this company at all. I just mean that they are marketing to different consumer groups with different brands. I personally have used lots of Lanzar gear and it all worked great. If you are going to spend that much on an amp, look at their class D's.

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I would recomend using the Blitz 3000D over the 2 amps you mentioned. I can't prove it, but it sure seems to be the same as the lanzar 1200 watt class D amps. Same specs. I have used, and seen others use the Lanzar 1200 watt class D's and they do just what they advertise 1200w rms at 1 ohm. If you are running 4 decent 15's than 1200watts should make you deaf in a hurry. I had 1 15 on a 600w amp, and it was loud enough to hear me a quarter mile away. The box makes a big difference too. Make sure you use some big power wire if you are using that much current. 2 awg or Dual 4 awg power leads would not be ovekill. 1 big class D would draw less current, than multiple class A/B's. Class D is usually high efficiency (70 to 80% some even higher). Four 4 ohm woofers could be wired in parallel to be a 1 ohm load.

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Like I said above, I am not ripping on Blitz or any of the brands I listed above, I just want to to know what you are getting. Compare apples to apples. Despite what people will tell you, with that much cone area, even a small amp will sound loud. 500 watts rms total on all 4 drivers could absolutely slam with a good box.

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BTW, I wouldn't even consider pyramid "junk". They just don't compare well watt for watt to other amps. If you compare a 1000 watt pyramid amp to a 350w amp by annother manufacturer (the pyramid is probably still cheaper) than it doesn't seem like junk at all. Apples to apples.

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The best advice you can get is to look for an amp that's CEA-2006 compliant. This means the amp has been tested to a standard method and actually pushes the watts stated, so you know exactly what your getting.

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scoob and sparky are both correct, all i would like to mention is make sure you match your load to that of your amp impedance that way your amp runs cool and efficient another rule of thumb for your consideration is when your using amplifiers in the kilo watts section remember that you can only produce the amount of power you put in. in other words the power in from vehicle electrical system should be the same or more than the power out you would like to use on the speaker load ie..3kW good luck.
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