Amplifier Installation?

I have a amp and I just want to know, can i connect it to the ignition that is connected to the cd player already?


Car Subwoofer and Amp?HELP?

Get an amplifier wiring kit. Wire the power lead directly to the battery. Connect the remote lead to the power antenna / amplifier remote lead on your Head unit. If it doesn't have one, connect the remote wire to any switched 12v lead. A switched lead is one that turns on and off with the ignition. There should be one on the back of the radio to turn it on and off. The remote lead only draws like .02 amps. The power lead will draw enough to cause problems so be sure the power wire is direct to the battery. don't run it to an existing circuit or you'll have big problems.

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Long as there is a fuse in case of shorts or overload, you don't want either on fire at 70.

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i would not recommend it
the amp will draw to much power and likely blow the fuse
if it does work you probably would not be satisfied with the performance

How do i connect my main speakers in my car to the amp -best way-?

You need an amp installation kit. run a direct fused power line from your battery.

Looking to get a subwoofer/amp package?

Best of Luck!

Question on amp?

Go to your local car audio store and get an amp wiring kit and run your power wire directly to your battery it'll run you about $15 but will save you money in the long run unless your using a bigger amp then 800 Watts if so your alternator might not be able to keep up with it there for you'll need to buy a copasseter which cost anywhere from $30 to $200 depending on how much power you want

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Good Luck

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Amplifier kits are definitely the best thing since sliced bread. If I understand your Q correctly you are asking if it is ok to run the AMP turn on lead to the ignition (where you have already tapped with your head unit)

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The answer is, every vehicle has a fuse box, look for an aux fuse
use a voltmeter to establish whether it is switched with the ign. If so, it is controlled by a relay and will usually provide enough jiuce to activate head unit AND amp on leads (of which require current in the milliamp range).

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