What is SPL?

If a speaker is pure SPL what does that mean? What is the opposite of SPL?


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SPL correlates to Db

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Here is an example of SPL

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sound pressure level. its like power multiplied by effecientcy divided by size of box/housing.
So an 8" sub in a small car/box could produce more db then a 12" sub in a big car/box.
Nothing is really opposite of spl.

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SPL is also known as Db (Decibels), or sound pressure level. It depends on many, many things, and if a speaker is pure SPL (most subwoofers are), it means audio quality will suffer. JL audio is rated extremely well in both SPL and SQ (sound quality). There is no opposite to SPL, however.

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SPL is sound pressure level. which pretty much means how loud the sub will go. if its a "SPL" woofer, it means its not meant to sound good, its just meant to pound your brains out.

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Or if you talking the SPL rating on the subwoofer, what that is, is how efficent the sub is. they feed it 1 watt, and see how loud it is. most subs are in the mid to high 80s. few are in the 90s. higher the number the better.

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i guess the opposite of SPL would be SQ. which is Sound Quality. these are woofers that will sound awesome, but wont pound your brains out. the'll pound, just not as loud.

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hope this helps
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