2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport front door speakers.?

I have a 2000 Mitsu Montero Sport (non-Infinity sound system) and I am looking to replace the front door speakers. Doors come wired with tweeters at the top of the door and 6 inch speakers on the bottom of the door. When replacing only the bottom speakers with a set of Polk db650's, do I have to disconnect the factory tweeters? Is there a factory crossover? No one at the dealership seems to know. I know there is a Polk db6500 that has the speakers with crossover and tweeters but I dont want to spend that much money if I dont have to.


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if you have tweeters there has to be a crossover somewhere. are the new speakers 3 way or single way bass? if they are bass then just attach them streight onto the existing wiring if they are 3 way then you need to find the crossover and disconnect it so you have your new speakers attached streight to your amp/head unit!

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Open the door panel, get in there, and see for yourself! Otherwise, just call crutchfield or go to crutchfield.com
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