What is the best Ipod Fm transmitter i can buy for my car?


How to figure out size of my rear speakers?

I found the best thing since sliced bread...http://www.crutchfield.com/s-9odewunvio6...

will an active subwoofer of 800 watts, amp of 200 watts with an RMS of 250 watts make my car vibrate?

It's not wireless.

I have 2 12 kicker comp dvc what amp should i run??

It feeds your audio signal from a headphone jack ( or RCA cables) by FM modulation, directly into the antenna input on your radio bypassing the antenna when on, allowing the radio to work as normal when off. It comes with an On/Off switch that can used or it can be replaced with a relay powered by the remote wire from the radio.

Connecting amp to cd player without any RCA Outputs?

This is the answer. Totally versatile.

My son hooked up 3 10" subwoofers and a 350 watt amplifer...?

Go to www.ilounge.com they have tons of reviews and help-me info for whatever ipod you have.

Car Amplifier Question?

Definately get a wired one, the wireless have terrible sound quallity. I have the Harmon Kardon, it works good, gives you a seperate screen and remote so you can put you ipod in the glove box. It also charges the ipod while hooked up.
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