Affordable amps?

i need a amp that can power my 2 subs that are 150 rms each and peak 300 what would be good to look at thats under 200 i really dont want to even spend 150 but what ever help me here


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Infinity 7541a, they are the best for its value!! alone with 4 channel, you can boost the speakers as well for later upgrades..
they are only $200, tho sold out in crutchfield, look elsewhere.
or this one:
97 watts X 2 for $129.

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Yeah.. i m infinity fan...
its not really necessary to get a 150 watts... cuz all it does is makes it louder... which can be done by turn up the volume. 100 watts is good enuff for you to shake the entire car, tho not enuff to shake the street like the Caddilac Escalade does...

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DB Drive has a good mono amp spa series 600 watts @ 2ohms , its should do the job and only cost you about 139.00. I ran it on a pair of polk momo 12's i had and they sounded good.

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lanzar and audiobahn make good amps that are reasonably priced for what you are looking for you can get less than a $100 online.checkout or

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Profile AP1000.

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160 watts per channel at 4 ohm. $85.95 at
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