XM or Sirius? Which is better? What's the cost of each "unit" and per month?


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There are multiple "units" that are available from XM and Sirius in their online stores. Different types include portable radios, radios designed for vehicles, radios designed for the home, etc.

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The cost of each unit varies as well as the month to month costs depending on what subscription type you choose. Unless you'll be installing it yourself, it would be ideal to get a quote from a local vendor that would be doing the work for you to get a general idea of the 'overall' cost.

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As for which one is better, that of course is always up to you. As far as performance and quality no doubt those depend on a large number of unique factors based on every subscriber. I have included a website with a compilation of complaints and stories from previous subscribers in my sources. If your looking for features I have also included a list of comparison features.

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There are also options to have these pre-installed on many new vehicles so if your in the market for a new one, be sure to ask about this option.

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Be aware that these companies are in the process of trying to merge so if you don't plan on buying one soon there is a good chance your decision will already be made for you down the road.

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I personally like sirius better. they are both $14,99 a month CAD I believe. sirius offers more channels and stuff. the "units" range from around $70 to $400 CAD, depending on what features you're looking for

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Right now its a matter of which company you like better. I read all the info on both companies and what they both offer. The differences are very small. XM has baseball, sirius has the nfl and howard stern. They both offer almost identical music programming. I think that sirius markets itsself as more edgy having howard stern. Either one will cost you 12.95 a month for a single radio subscription with the option of adding on a second radio for 6.95 a month. You can also pay for the whole year or half the year up front with a savings of a few dollars over the price per month. There is one more plan its 500.00 and you pay nothing more for the life of your radio. I was a skeptic of satellite radio until I tried it for a month, now I'm a lifetime listener. To me, its worth 12.95 a month to not have to listen to 15 minutes of commercials every half hour. Plus the variety of music and talk is far beyond anything regular radio has to offer.

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i've actually heard that one is buying the other out ( i don't remember which) so i'd say it doesn't matter

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you may want to hold off on buying either...the companies announced a merger, then you want have to decide which one to get

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first, don't bank on the merger. there is no competition if they do merge, and the programming, in my opinion, would suffer from a lack of needing to be better than the other guy.

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sirius has more sports, pretty much everything except major league baseball, and is the one that i choose.

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both companies have a great product, and once you try the satellite, you won't go back to terrestrial radio. 12.95 a month for all the cool music you want, from 80's hair bands to old school rap, to sinatra-type stuff, to cutting-edge new music, with no commercials? i have a 10 minute commute, and i won't be without it!

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I have both an XM Sportscaster and a Sirius Starmate.They both have month to month subscriptions for $12.95. The Sirius radios are $50 and up for the plug and plays (units u can move from car to car or to home) and XM Sportscaster was $40 at Walmart .If you are going to get a plug and play model then i suggest you get a Sirius cause the FM transmitters dont work very well fo XM so you will need a tape deck in your car or buy the adapter to hook to the back of your radio.
I have had Sirius for 3 years and Xm for 1 year,I have recommended Sirius to friends and family dont care to much for XM but have to have it for ACC football and basketball!

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12.95 US per month 14.99 Canadian
From what i hear Sirius has a lot better content than XM. If they merge the content will get even better.
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