Best speakers?

wht do u guys think which is the best brand for car speakers??


What amp to you recommend?

USD waveguide component set.

I have a 4ohm dvc sub hookup parrellel and bridged to amp amp is1400 bridged and the sub is2000max/1000rms?


Will the radio/cd player salvaged from a 01-02 Kia Sportage fit into a 2000 Kia Sportage?

JBL's are the best

What car audio products are made in the USA or assembled?

You won't like this answer, but there's no 'better' or 'worse.' A speaker is a musical instrument that must imitate all others. None of them can do this perfectly, and so it's merely a matter of compromise.

I have a new amp and cd deck for my car, I have the amp grounded and powered properly but when I connect the?

Modern materials ensure that a car speaker will last forever, so durability and construction quality aren't an issue; most of them are all made in the same curing ovens. And so what you should do is ignore brand and simply make sure that the power rating of the speakers exceeds that of your amplifier.

I've got a cd stuck in my 6 disc ford cd player..?

It's easy to convince someone that a piece of audio equipment sounds 'better' than another: the whole hi-fi industry was founded on this.

Subs shut off completely but amp still has power?

And don't buy fancy speaker wires. Brown #16 lamp cord works fine.

Where is the off button on the alpine cda 9856.?

you must get a set of KENWOOD they are the best!

1000 Watts 8 Gauge wire blown fuses?

kicker and alpine.

Do you like rear fill in your car audio set up?

I agree with, the guy that said there is no better or worse. It depends on you budget and your car. If you look at those cars producing over 170 decibals they all dont use "kennwood" or "JBL" jbl is a computer speaker they dont really make car speaker, "JL" etc. Like i said it depends on you the owner and installer on what you want, anyways its just an opinion

My stereo wont turn on?!?!? details below?

im going to agree wih every one here, but you cant beat kicker..they can take a beating. there amps are very very strong and run very cool. There subs give off good spl and sq. you pay for what you get man.. hope this helps you
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