Speaker with a hole?

hole in my speaker how can i fix it with out replacing it . I need some help here .paid alot here so any advice is better than none thanks guys


Help with kicker zx 1000.1 amp?

you now have a ported speaker! :) Hard to say without seeing it. No real easy sure fire way to fix a hole. If it's small enough you could try clear nail polish or even some fiberglass resin but apply sparingly.

Anyone have anygood sources for wholesale rockford fosgat power amps new or used?

Might just have to suck it up and replace the speaker. Or, just listen to it until it blows!

Would you reccomend this car for a family of four Why or why not?

You can try clear flex-able silicon . Used it on my subs once saved them for about a year. Sound quality was lower slightly but they still thumped OK.

How do you hook-up a CD deck, 4ch. amp and kickers in my 4runner?

rubber cement has worked for me in the past.

What would sound better??

I would just put fiber glass tape followed by some fiber glass resin on it if that doesn't work then the whole is to big to fix and you should look in to getting a new sub
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