Are CD-RWs bad for your CD player's lense?

My friend told me that cd-rw's wear out your cd players lense. I used to have a new Kenwood KDC-X789. I played lots of MP3 CD-RWs in it with no problem. But after about 2 years, it eventually gave me error messages whenever i tried playing cdrws, and wouldn't play them anymore. It could still play CD-Rs, but barely because i would occasionally get error messages for them also. It would also make cds skips that had no scratches at all. I tried those lense cleaning cds and everything, but that didn't fix it.

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I decided to upgrade to a Pioneer DEH-p980bt. It's able to read ALL cdrs and cdrws that my kenwood would no longer play. So is it true that CD-RWs are bad on the player's lense, or was it just because my kenwood was aging anyways? because i don't want to use something that will damage my lense on such an expensive deck.


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No it's not bad. The laser or receiver do not make contact with the disk. So there is no wear ot tear to either. It's just about as dumb to say that shining a flashlight on a mirror would damage the air inbetween.

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The light source or receptor can get dirty from the air in your room. Just like your windows or mirrors do. That fogging really effects the reflection from the disk. Plus you said you played it a lot. I'd say you wore it out!

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it might depend on the brand, but i have two car and both have jvc cd players in them (both diffrent) and all i play are cdrws and they are abut 4 years old. hpoe that helps

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na ah! if your cd has a lot of scratch then better not to play it...
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