? How to wire a 2 ohm 1440 watt kole amp to a single 1200 watt 4 ohm sub pyle blue wave?


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if it is a single voice coil sub than you would just bridge it @ 4ohm mono,but if it is a dual 4ohm sub (has more than one terminal ) that amp is not 2ohm mono stable it is 2ohm stereo stable meaning if you bridge it at 2ohm it will basically be like short circuiting the amp. If it is a dvc model you can wire it to just one channel @ 2ohm or you can purchase a second sub and run it stereo or series / parallel @ 4ohm bridged mono

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if the 2 ohm stable kole amp is one channel than you just connect the sub to the amp + to + and - to -. The only thing is your only going to get about half the rate power out of the amp. If it is a 2 ohm stable amp you would better off with either a 2ohm sub, a dual voicecoil 4 ohm sub, or 2 4 ohm subs ran in parallel (+ to + to + and - to - to -). if you have any more info on the amp I would be glad to help further. Email me at spdboyny@yahoo.com
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