02' cavalier,i cant get top dash pannel up get to the screw near the glove compartment. to remove my radio.

i cannot get to the screw near the left side of the glove compartment that is holding down the front pannel. i need t remove the radio to insall some radio wire.


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It is not a normal screw. It is a 7mm hex head type screw. So you would either need to use a 7mm socket to extract it or a T15 torx bit. Also an extension to reach the two that are deep in that little hole. That car sucks to take the radio out of, but after a while you'll get the hang out it.

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Anyone know where the 12v supply is?

what you have to do is remove the top cover of the dash and you will be able to remove sny screw no problem the dash top part is hold with clips start in one side with long flat screw drivers and a towel little by litle move it up take your time it will open

Can you run two 400 watt subs through a 400 watt amp?

good luck
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