Added sub, now speakers wont work?

Heres my situation:
i bought my car with an installed 2 channel alpine amp that both speakers were running to. I unplugged the speaker connections to the amp and connected a subwoofer instead to the amp and bridged it. Now the subwoofer works, but the speakers don't.

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I figured by unhooking the speaker connections to the amp, the speakers would then run of the head unit amp, but i guess not. So my question is what do i do now?


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You have to hook the speakers back up to the face unit now. There were wires carrying signals to the amp then from the amp to the speakers. If you unhooked them from the amp where is the sound supposed to come from? Just reconnect them back to the wiring harness on the back of the face and you will be AOK!

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You have something hooked up wrong. You have to get the wiring diagram for your car and look over it again

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all you have to do is find the original speaker cables for the stock speakers, cut them, and wire them to your aftermarket speakers. take off the door panels, or wherever you want the speakers, and check to see if there is a pair of "loose" wires (by loose, i mean not connected to anything) these MIGHT be for the stock speakers. if so, then use those wires.

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good luck.
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