Audio system and power concerns.?

I am having a local install shop install a Kenwood head unit, new 4" front speakers, two 6x9"s in the rear with a 400W amp powering them. I'll also have two 12" Lanzar Max Pro 1600W max, powered buy a Legacy Predator 2x2000W amp. The car the system will be installed in is a 1993 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. My concern is if the car will be able to power the system and what measures I can take to help, or if I should just let the install shop reccommend what to do. Thanks to anyone for their help.


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This guide will help determine some factors in your system.

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You will need Microsoft Excel, a multi-meter and a way to burn an audio CD from an MP3.

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If it cuts out after the install is complete then you will need to upgrade your alternator. If your upgraded amp doesn't solve the power issue then you have to get a CAP (short for capacitor) this hold some juice for your amps when they need a little extra.

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You could also ask the install shop to install a 4 gauge wire from the battery to the amps, this will help the juice get to the amps.

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I hope they don't install your amps under your seat, I had an amp catch fire once while I was driving...not any fun.

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definitely get a capacitor. I found a nice 5 farad Power Acoustic, brand new for $80 shipped on eBay. I might get it for myself, if I ever get the money! -_-

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good luck!

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Ultimately your only options will be to get an upgraded battery made for deep cycle situations (Optima Yellow top for example), or to upgrade your alternator. Buying a capacitor will only cause your alternator more strain if it is already having trouble keeping up with the power usage.

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it will just put more strain on your electrical system
a new alt will be a good start, optima is old school. id go with kinetik batteries
oh try upgrading the ground from the chassis to the battery
that will help out alot
if you need more help go to
my name is stratastic on there
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