What size box does the Hifonics BX15D2 15-Inch subwoofer require?

The box will perferably be a sealed one, since I am building it for a friend. But I was just wondering about how big it will need to be. The sub is capable of 700rms and 1400 peak. It will be getting around 560 rms from the amplifier that it will be hooked up to. You can find it at http://www.maxxsonics.com/hifonics/subs_...
What size should the box be, for a sealed box please. I was told 2 cubic feet by someone, but I want to make sure, and will the internal volume be 2 cubic feet before or after sub displacement.
And just for the heck of it, what size should it be for a vented box, just the size please, don't worry about telling me about tuning or ports, I wouls just like to know about how big it should be.


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Contact Hifonics for this information. They'd be the one I would trust.
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