im about to put 2 Alpine SWR-1242D on my grand cherokee ... i currently have 2 Alpine SWE-1242 and it sounds descent but i think i would need a bigger capacitor if i were to change the subs. MY question is what amp do you guys think would be the best fit for this 2 upcoming subs? make any type of advise


FM Modulators can anyone give some suggestions?

Just be sure the amp is CEA-2006 compliant.

I just got subs put into my car- how do i stop the rattle in the trunk area?

As long as the amps RMS watts matches the subs total watts RMS and the rquired impedance, you'll be fine.

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See my site for more info

What are ohms and what is the difference between 2 and 4 ohms?

More than one battery actually puts a strain on the electrical system to keep them charged. Afterall, it's the alternators job to provide power when the car is running, not the battery.

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why not get the alpine amp to match!

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Frist get rid of the cap it brings nothing to the table and eats a lot.. i would go for an extra battery or two ( optimas) seem to work the best. and i would match what ever amp you get with the rms of your speakers if you get 250 rms speakers then you need a least a 500watt rms amp ( punch make a good amp so does kicker and a few others but you get what you pay for... If you happen to get your hands on an earthquake amp they really good but uselly need a lot of power to feed them...

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With the cap you should be OK. but for those subs try the Alpine MRP-M850. 800watt RMS monoblock amp. we put this amp on two 12 Type-R's in a slot vented box, wired at 2ohms and it sounded like an explosion in the back of the Camaro. absolutely insane
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