Adding Subwoofer to amp?

When i got my car, the previous owner had installed an alpine mrv-t420 amp that is all wired up and working. Now i just want to add a kicker 10" sub to the setup and my question i just need to connect the sub to the amp with 12gauge wire or is there another step i am missing?


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First of all, that Amp is a 2 channel amp, if i am right, it should be boosting the 2 rear channel. a Sub will take up at least one channel, far as i know. channel means how many things can u hook up to the amp. Bridge means you can combine 2 channel into one to increase the power. If you are adding a sub, you need either another AMP, or you will have to take it off from the speaker and hook it up to the sub.
I have a 4 channel powering 4 speakers. If i want to sub it, i would've bought a 5 channel. or i use 2 channel to power the rear speakers, the bridge the other 2 for the sub, leave the fronts to the H/U. I hope this helps. However, let me warn you, it might cost up to $400 for a new amp, sub, wire kit, and $60 installation fees at ircuit city or other place. Its the cheapest out there. And DIY might take you 2 hrs+

I want to install 4 subs into my friends car and am worried about what could go wrong?

i think u just add the sub to one of the amps channel if it has another...iono im a beginer

Is kicker a good brand?

make sure the amp has power and that all the wires are in the right place, put the sub in a recommended size box, wire it to the amp and you good to go
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