Vibration-absorbent pads for speakers?

Just curious were i could buy some vibration-absorbent pads for 6.5 in car speakers and how i would go about mounting the speakers to them.


Where do i look for apower cable for a pioneer car stereo?

House insulation (fibreglass) or speaker padding (wool) might help. The wool is easier to handle.

How to tune a subwoofer box?

People who home-build speakers, line the inner cabinet with this stuff. shoving some behind the 6.5in speakers should hold them in place, thus less rattles.

I got 2 AW1005 audiobahn all i know is there 900 watts duel voice high excursion made in 2000?

A lot of time what custom audio shops do with speaker boxes is put a cotton liner in the box.

Does anyone know how to install an in dash cd player in a 1997 ford taurus Lx with digital climate control?

Dynamat behind the speaker will pretty much stop ALL vibrations.

Best sub box for two 12's?

get you some thin ruber from a hardwhaer store trace the speaker and cut it out pre drill your holes put itt in or get bigger screws

If i have a 1500w750rms amp on 2 subs does each sub get 750watts or 375?

dynamat, i use it and it helps

Ok i just bought 3 kicker l7s 2 ohm in would like to know whats the best amp?

Go to ebay and get some dynamat for fatmat. I have fatmat and it works great. Just stick onto the panel, cut out the hole for the speaker, then mount the speaker on top. it'll get rid of that rattle.
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