What is the best brand of car audio electronics?

i just got a new kenwood cd player. is this a good brand?


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Kenwood is a good brand. Asking the best brand is subjective. Be happy with the fact you got a good one.

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best brand, Boston Acustic. but others that are up there are infinity, and poineer. the best name for audio are the names that no one has heard of but cost a small fortune. Polk Audio is one of them, very few people have heard of them becasue they are very expencive. You have to talk to the sales men, try to go to a store where the sales men make commission, they will give you the best information, they are trying to make the best sale they can.

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There is no "best", it's all a matter of preference as is anything else. What sounds good to me may not sound good to you.

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Your best bet is go to a pro audio shop and grab a listen. Only your ears can tell you what you like. Some of the better shops will demo a system in your car so you know what your getting.

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Kenwood is ok, but Kenwood Excelon is better. its there top of the line stuff. also if you like Kenwood look into BOston Acoustics and Pioneer Preimer. also dont believe everyone about Alpine. IMO them and JL are the 2 most overated brands sold.

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Kenwoods okay.... as far as a cd player goes the top brands would be alpine, pioneer, eclipse.....

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you're off to a good start, best is personal preference, something that you learn over time, i love my alpine head units and speakers but as for amps i'm all for massive. but again, personal preference.

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that crapola is for lil kiddies. u need a dr. crankenstein in yo ride, playa. then, u be rollin large like a rill thug, fo sho.

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Kenwood & Pioneer

need help, know very little?

world leader in car audio is Pioneer, i dont care what you say about it being an "opinion"... Kenwood is good as long as you plan on buying kenwood subs + amps... they make good subs + amps so yea.. ur all good with what you have prolly. kenwood is prolly #2 anyways
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