Back speakers for a MG?

I have a 1978 MG B, with an Alpine CD deck, and front speakers (in the door panels). I'd like to add some back speakers but am having trouble finding the right kind (and place for them). Anyone else put some in?

Installin ne cd player to a avlanche2007?

I'm guessing I need some surface mount speakers, but I haven't found a good set of those either.


Who turned the loud off?

We had one of these come by our shop about a month or so ago. Havent seen one in years. heck... the speakers are gonna be as big as the spare tire!! LOL!! Anyway. since there are no factory options on this car, I would personally recommend a pair of 6x9 speakers behind the seats. You can get enclosures that are small wedge boxes that house them. They will take up a good bit of what little amount of room there is behind the seat, but they will sound so much better when you have the top down. You can also buy pre-enclosed speakers like 5 1/4 and 6 1/2, but again... I personally like the 6x9 best, if you are willing to sacrifice some space. the good thing is that the boxes are removeable so if you ever do need the space, you can take them out. Hope this helped. Good Luck and Live Loud!!
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