2 x10" sub vs 1x15" sub.. which will pound more.?

hey frnds..i have a strange thing to ask.. lets say v r givin 500rms to 15 inch..and another setup..250 rms each to 10" subs..now i want to kno..15" sub go deeper than 1 10" thats true..

How an 60 + 60 watts stereo power amplifier operates?and how it works?

but will 2 ten inch reach low as 1 15 inch.. just not take the kinda closer..or brand..or even handeling nominal power..the main thing i am askin is the comparison..can two 10" go deep as 1 15"..if not at 250 rms each..but..if v double the rms thats 500 rms to each 10" then?


Do you think its okay to fit a 1500watt subwoofer in the boot of a 2006 honda civic?

Generally speaking, the 15" will give you a deeper sound. People who like nice tight hard hitting bass will usually go with a pair of 10's or 12's, but if you prefer the deep rumble and slow response of the big sub then go for it.

Will this amp and sub work?

Believe it or not, the sub may have something to do with it, but the one thing you should pay more attention to is the enclosure you put it in. You can have a 6 1/2" speaker in the right enclosure and it would knock and sound like a 12" sub

I need recommendations for good 6 x 9 speakers for my car. Must be cheap. Amp only puts out ~30 watts/channel?

Everyone thinks its all about the size and power of a sub, but there's much information that people don't look into. Have a custom box with your sub, most audio shops can do this for you.

What size fuse do i need for my fuse block? I am fusing power cable for 1000w amp.?

15 will always go deeper than a smaller size. You won't get the same kind of response from a 15 as 2 10's though.

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15 will give you a deeper bass the 10's will give y ou a tighter faster bass response this is why. the sound you hear as bass is air movement. the 15 inch has a bigger area to move more air so it will go lower. the 10's will bounce back faster than the 15 so thats why they will give you a tighter bass responce. a little hint about speakers. always skip a size if you are goint to run diff size speakers together 6's with 10's not 8's and 10's with 15', not 12's

Sirius Satallite radio question for mercedes c230?

I have a friend who, with 2 12" subwoofers, got higher decibals than someone with 2 15" subs and 1 18" sub. Theres a comparison for ya...it all depends on the product.

Is there anyway to fix broken speakers?

the 15 would be your better choice.. but if u went with 2 12in instead of 10s u would be better of with the 2 12s than the 1 15 in most cases
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