Apline or Panasonic?

I have a 1994 Honda Prelude and want a new stereo. I've done some research and narrowed it down to three Alpine models (9883, 9885, 9857) and one Panasonic model(CQ-C8303U). I was wondering if anyone has any feedback, suggestions, ratings, etc. on the subject.

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I too used to own a Prelude, and man do i miss it, but as for your question. . I've owned one panasonic HU and about 3 Alpine HU. I too am intrested in the cda-9883 or cda-9885. Alpine themselves are up there as one of the Best of Car Audio. I researched the 9883 and the sound quality is great, it has 3 preamp out puts so you could add a sub and a 4 channel amp ,for the speakers in the car, for even better and easier upgrade in sound quality. plus i like the display. it's not retardedly flashy. Alpine is more about sound quality rather than flashiness. hope this helps in any way.

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Go with Alpine! Alpine has much more of a reputation anyway.

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This is kind of a subjective question

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both are quality decks compared to stuff like dual or jensen, so it really depends on what you're in the market for. They will most definately give you different sounds. Which kind do you want? Panasonic CQ C8303 will give you great sound. It has tons of cool Sound Quality Features- High Pass Filter, Low Pass Filter, Sub Out, and the 7-Band EQ (which alpine doesn't). The EQ feature, in my opinion is the single most important thing when it boils down to it. Why? because I like to tweak my sound just right. Panasonic has that and then some (Ipod control, satellite radio, cell phone hook up)

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Now Alpine, as a brand,has been known to be well respected in car audio. But, my experience with alpine lately has left me feeling like there decks are disappointing (not their subs tho, those rock). I've heard alpines in several cars, listened to them at my job, they are lacking! On top of that they don't have the OEL (nice display), they look boring. Looks aren't everything, but for the price they charge it should be considered. I've noticed that Alpines have a very flat type of sound. You're not going to get screeching highs or bass rattling lows with this deck-just kind of a mellow (relaxed) sound. If that's what you want, alpine has it. I'm not bashing Alpine, there great, but please realize they have gotten extremely lazy and arrogant in their production. They were the king of all kings back in the day, but i dunno what happened after 2002. they knocked off so many great features...

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getting back to the comparison...the panasonic is well rounded in the sound department, it's going to give you an overall better sound. IT will not sound flat/tiny/mellow. it will shine in the highs, and lows, to the point where you say...dam i'm glad i got this deck. So, my pick would be the panasonic. If you get the alpine you'll probably be happy too, just not as happy. but hey anything beats what you got now right?

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but check out the Pioneer DEH 7800, it beats both decks hands down. It takes a crap on all the other decks too (except eclipse). It has BBE (which is amazing), 24 Bit D/A Converter (Which is even more amazing), 13 band EQ, High pass/low pass filters, and tons more. it's great, you can get off places like ikesound.com for cheap. like 250.

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Would you trust a brand that ONLY made audio equipment or a brand that makes a bunch of other stuff? Personally, I find that companies that specialize in one thing are REALLY REALLY REALLY good at it.

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My point: GO ALPINE!

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I couldn't be happier with my system

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They are both good pruducts so the best thing to do is go with the one that has the most features that you're wanting. But if both brands have everyting you want the go with the one with the best warranty. You can never go worng with an extended warranty on car stereo equipment.

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ALPINE of course, I loved mine until it got stolen.

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