What dose sensitivity db mien lake 91 db?


FM doesnt work yet Am and tape/cd do.?

it's the measurement of how loud something is...decible

selecting car woofer is a big pain..help me anybody?

In air, sound pressure levels above 85 dB are considered harmful, while 95 dB is considered unsafe for prolonged periods and 120 dB causes an immediate perforation of the ear drum (tympanic membrane). Windows break at about 163 dB

How do I install an amp without removing the factory head unit?

human breathing 10 db
whispers 20 db

which one is the best remote starter starter for my ford ranger 2004?

The decibel (dB) is a measure of the ratio between two quantities, and is used in a wide variety of measurements in acoustics, physics and electronics. The site below goes farther in depth as to how decibels are calculated.

What difference would it make if i increased my box size?


Are 8 ohm speakers any good?

It looks like nobody is willing to answer you directly...

i have a Kicker 06ZX2500.1amp and 4 Kicker 06CVX12-2ohm subs can i hook them to my mono block?

It is associated with a speaker's sensitivity to power. The higher the value, the more efficiently it can produce sound. For example, a speaker with an input sensitivity of 88dB will be half as loud as a speaker with a sensitivity of 91dB with the same amount of power.
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