What is the difference between a 200W and a 50W x 4 head unit?


how to get more bass out of subwoofer?

Nothing it just means that peak pwr fr the unit is 200w total and its basically 50w into four speakers.......

sony xrca400 wiring diagram -fitting?

maybe nothing

Toyota Corolla Stock Stereo Specifications?

50 x 4 is 200 watts and can be advertised as so.

would 2 subs sound better than 1?

the model tag should say all about it and how the 200w are being used. My guess is 50x4 on both.

Satellite Radio?

nothin its the same thing

I have a 97 ford escort I am in process of putting a system in but i cannot find a kit for the cd player?

there is a little differance a head unit is not true power but it close to it
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