Anybody get anoyed when you phone a call center and you cant understand....?

Wha they say because they have a thick Welsh/Scottish or Essex accent.


How come people INSIST on giving me directions even after I tell them I have a navigation system in the car?

I spend a lot of time on the phone at work - the accent I really struggle with is a strong Scottish accent - most of the time it's fine but occasionally, I get someone who I literally cannot understand - och!

What do i need for a basic, yet good sounding sound system for my 92 civic?

Or Indian accent? Damn, its annoying.

Help me Design my Car audio system?

yes, and I keep saying, give me someone that speaks english, and they say, I AM SPEAKING ENGLISH, and then I say, I want someone who speaks english I can understand or give me your supervisor. It works.

How do i stop buzzing noise coming from my ports?

Yes and I tell them I don't understand you. Get someone who doesn't have such a strong accent please. Sometimes it works.

Car audio video?

Yes! And I don't want to appear racist, because I'm not, but i always seem to get Indian accents and they talk really fast. It seems really ignorant to keep asking them to repeat themselves but I just don't understand what they are saying half the time.

Citroen picasso cd players?

I can understand the British accents, it's the indians I can't understand. You could do like my sister did and ask to speak to another person.

What will be the best brand for amplifiers wiring kit?

Often the operators are based overseas. Like India has alot.
Dell uses them and heaven help your minutes for tech help.
I had them spell everything to me. VERY maddening, YES!

Speaker ohms and sub ohms??

Whats worse is when they are Pakistani or Indian !! If they are Mexican or Jamaiican you are really done for.
"Yeah mon aaah need da neu telephuone suurvice" "You clever dickie please"

R sound activated interior neon lights played out in terms of car accessories? If not, do they drain the bat?

oh yes why cant we have local call centres (actualy i do i live in a place where there loads of them ) and when i ring i always get india

Where is the cd changer on a 96 ford taurus? my radio has a *cd* button but says "no dj" w.e. that means

yes, And its not our fault if someone has a thick accent either, certain accents can be really hard to understand and sometimes people get angry when you keep saying pardon me when you don't understand and want them to repeat. There is not much you can do but trying to get a different person next time you phone.

Car CD player question.?

The ones I have bother with are the centres in India. I can never understand them, and get so fed up because I keep having to ask them to repeat themselves. Sometimes I just pretend to have understood, to get rid of them

How much inches dia shold i cut out of the board to fix a 10"sub.?

It annoys the sh1t out of me! I can cope with a Welsh or Scottish accent - but why do all my calls get put through to India? And why do them injuns say their name is Luke or Martin? As if!

"amp problems" Ahhh!?

Nope i have the opposite problem.. I work in a call centre and cant understand a word the general public are saying!

What is the best 6x9 speakers?

Yes I do, the other thing is if you can actually get through by that time I'm annoyed anyway.

Where is a good place to get an amp for your car installed? I live in New Jersey?

Yeah and they all seem to be called Keith!

Where can I buy a Kicker box?

I used to work for a call centre and i used to struggle to understand some of our customers accents.

Which subs for this amp?

Nope, because when I make the call, I am in control and can end it or ask for someone else or a supervisor. The ones that annoy me are the ones that call me and don't speak English. I mean if you are going to go to work for a telemarketer, and spend your day annoying people, at least speak proper English to do so.

Anyone know how to connect two batteries?

But I do enjoy interrupting the ones who are trying so hard to stick to a script, and it's obvious they are reading it to you...

Where can I find vinyl car interior?

Yeah it does bug me but what really makes me mad is when they ring you with an obvious asian accent and then tell you their name is Paul or Victoria, like the name cancels out the accent. I'm tempted to say hello Paul or Victoria my name is Bindy or something.

Do you know a site with a list of subwoofer enclosure vendors?

My mates dad asked to speak to someone that he can understand and pointed out that he isn't racist - he hates everyone. That made me giggle.
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