2 kicker l7s question?

i currently have a 2001 neon, and i was wondering if i put 2 12" l7s in the trunk and i want a zx2500.1 amp for the both of them in a ported box. now the neon is tiny and i was wondering will this pound my head out and 2 will i need a new altinator? has ne one dun this b4 cuz i know that these subs gotta be crazy thanks for the helppp


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those subs are 750 watts rms. so you need a total of 1500 watts. your amp is overkill. with it you will need anther alternator. if you got a 1500 watt amp, you may be able to get by with just a bat cap, if your lucky.

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good luck

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stick wit a zx1500.1. 2500.1 is a lot of power

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first of all, a zx1000.1 will be enough for those subs...i have the exact same ones. and my friend has a neon and i know you can fit those in there with a ported box...idk about the alternator though, but i would suggest changing it

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that set up will kill u. i have a friend that has ONE 12 inch L7 in a ported box and it visably rattles his quarter pannels. it also makes his wipers jump a little. try a cap before you switch alt.
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